Can Stress Shorten Your Lifespan?

That’s the question on a lot of people’s minds these days.

No wonder…Stress now ranks among the top factors that contribute to illness, and interfere with or slow down recovery for many people.

The consequences of stress can be devastating…

What most people don’t know is that, in the body, stress was never intended to be a long-term condition. Stress was originally intended as a measure to react in “fight or flight” conditions – in other words, life threatening or dangerous situations. Click here for more information and to read more As such, when illness or events cause stress, your body starts diverting all possible resources to a few basic organs (which might be needed), to prepare you to either flee or fight for survival.

In your body, the response was never intended to last for a long period, since usually the “fight or flight” situation would be resolved – either way – within a matter of minutes. By design, once the “danger” is resolved, everything in your body is supposed to return to normal again within a few minutes (provided you are still alive!) but during that time you need to be able to perform at abnormal levels.

One of these “temporary priority changes” stress provides, is the redistribution of water in your body. Water is temporarily diverted from a number of organs to offer ample supply to muscles and lungs. Additionally, to make sure that you have an ample supply for as long as is needed, water is also withdrawn from the lower back region – which explains why many people suffering from chronic stress will also complain about chronic back pain. (Interesting right?).

There are a number of things to keep in mind when dealing with stress:

>>In many cases, stress is a matter of choice. While it is true that our attitudes determine how we react to stressful situations, it is also true often we create unnecessary stress, or allow others to stress us out. How much stress you experience will partly be a matter of character, and partly a matter of choice. Some things are worth stressing about, and some are not – analyze your unique situation, and decide for yourself.

>>Stress is (often) created from being disorganized. If you are not able to discern between what is urgent and what is important, and treat both the same way, you will be creating stress for yourself. Urgent things need to be taken care of as soon as possible, but in as short a time as possible. Important things need to be scheduled, and have the proper amount of time devoted to them.

>>Many people simply have to live with huge amounts of stress – some of it might be due to their careers, and some of it might be due to circumstance or the environment. If your stress originates from a source you cannot change, find a way to deal with it. Explore different stress-reducing activities, and see what works for you. For some people it is better to indulge in physical activity, and for others it is better to engage in relaxing tasks or hobbies.

Stress is a very real threat to your longevity - so make a point of keeping it down to the absolute minimum. In the end, only you can make the changes necessary for your health and well-being.


Dont Ask Dont Tell She Lived in a Shoe

I did something this year that rests uncomfortably. I withheld information about one of my kids. Gather My 7 year old is high functioning autistic, and this year he began to mainstream into the general education population…and into sports, which he loves. And I was faced with the dilemma of how to present him to the world at large, having lost the safety of his insulated, special ed world.

He’s never played organized sports before this year, and after a summer round of T-ball, he was chomping at the bit to play some more. His two older brothers play in different leagues almost year round and Fall Ball, I was told was a good time to be brand new at it. So I signed him up, with every intention of mentioning quietly to his coach that he has some special needs, and we weren’t sure how they would present themselves in this kind of setting (if at all.)

And yet, somehow, the first practice came and went…with my silence. I would write him an email, I reasoned. Let him get to know the child first. That way he wouldn’t be prejudiced by any preconceived ideas about a special needs child.

That first practice seemed to go really well, and I found my jaw still strangely locked shut. He played the first game and his skill level was on par with a couple of the other boys who had never played much before. Maybe I’ll just let him play I thought. Maybe I would only be labeling him for no reason. Maybe he’ll surprise us all and show a talent for it. He hadn’t been awful at T-Ball, who knew how this would go. He seems a little quirky, but hey, some kids just have more personality than others.

Well, we’re halfway through the season now and I’m trapped by my own silence. If I mention it now, will I seem to have perpetrated a fraud on these coaches? He hasn’t lit up the Little League baseball world with his extraordinary skills, despite obsessively watching it and talking about it 24 hours a day. I also imagine that some people have caught on to the fact that he’s just a little bit different than the other boys he plays with. Have there been discussions about it between the coaches or the other parents? Have they caught on and think I’m in denial? Do they know and respect this as a deliberate choice not to differentiate him? Do they know and think I should have said something?

I am left questioning my own unplanned response. What was the origin of my silence here? Was it the germ of my own hope that he is so borderline that he will outgrow the autism someday? Was it my desire for him to have a normal experience like all the other boys? Was it my own refusal to accept that his experience will take him outside the most well-travelled pathways.

Another question is was I particularly influenced by the testosterone, the strongly male-dominated environment? Did I trust these men a little, or even a lot less to withhold judgement and to see his uniqueness in terms of opportunity for everyone rather than a weakness they would be uncomfortable around?

I guess it was all those things. I still don’t any better what the right decision was, and I don’t know what I will do in the future. I don’t know what decision other parents in this situation make. It’s hard when the lines are blurred.

At the end, I have no road map for this. I only know I will face it again and again in the coming years. Do I define him or let him define himself. And if I do need to define his challenges, what will dictate that decision?

In the meantime, I root for him every minute to develop enough skills to let him feel some sense of capability and play the game he loves…and I question the causes of my own silence. And I hope I am making the kind of judgements he needs me to make. But mostly, I hope he gets to play ball…or do anything else that he loves his whole life.



Best Laptop Desks That Suit Your Budget

Ever missed the bulky laptop desks at office and their comfort while on a long journey ?


Have you ever got irritated with the heat generated by your laptop directly on to your lap causing the dreaded hot legs ?


Did your mind ever wonder with the idea of having laptop mounts in the limited space of your vehicle ?

If you answered YES to any of the questions up there, then you certainly understand the importance of laptop computer desks.

A laptop desk is an easy solution to laptop usage related problems like hot legs, strained neck and fatigue. It can significantly reduce the stress level associated with laptop usage when on the move.

Laptop desks can be categorized into the following types :


These are compact, portable laptop desks that can be placed on your lap and usually can be folded into a size to fit into a carry bag. Lap desks are very helpful in reducing the direct heat recieved by your lap from the laptop They provide facilities for proper heat dissipation, multiple positioning of the work surface and secure holding of the power, modem and the networking cords.

However to get the most out of your lap desk you must know what to look for before buying.

Laptop Vehicle Mounts

These are the best solutions for the individual on move. Be it your old little car or a new state of the art modern SUV, you will definitely find laptop vehicle mounts that fit your vehicle like a glove. You need not really drill any holes in your vehicle to get them fitted. With the options available this could be easily done with a few clamps or other simple fitting arrangements.

These desks in vehicles can help you catch up with your work while on move, but for Heaven’s sake don’t even think of working while driving. You can use the desk when the vehicle is parked for an extended period.

Proper selection of laptop vehicle mounts accompanied with certain precautionary measures could be a real help for all those of you who want to make the most of that time wasted in a busy traffic.

Laptop Stands

For the outdoor lovers these notebook desks are the best bets for a work surface as they are portable in nature and at the same time are tough enough to sustain the rough and tough use in outdoor conditions. These can be adjusted to a height suitable for the user to work on.

This family consists of Regular Laptop Stands, Tripod Stands and Rolling Luggage Stands .

Laptop Wall Mounts

Laptop wall mounts provide you the opportunity of using the wall as the base for your laptop desk. This feature comes in handy in places where floor space is a serious concern like in go downs, store houses and small apartment rooms.

Select a wall laptop mount that perfectly complements the wall that you wish to set it on and consider the off-set features very carefully before buying it.

Still wondering if laptop computer desks are for you or not ?

Check out the following to understand why you need a lap desk.

Why Laptop Desks ?

  • Different working conditions need the laptop to be placed at different angles eg. when on bed you need a different angle for your laptop than that required when on a rest chair along side a swimming pool. Laptop desks have different degrees of freedom, to set your laptop at the best angle possible.
  • Laptop desks are made of insulating materials that reduce the heat generated by the processor and the batteries. The materials are stable enough not to decompose due to the heat generated.
  • Heat dissipation is efficient in ergonomically designed lap desks. Proper space for ventilation in these desks helps cool the laptop components. That improves the component life.
  • The normal work load might cause the laptop power connectors and cables to fail or contribute towards receptacle failure. Few lap top desks have very good arrangements to securely contain the power, modem and networking cords.
  • Laptop computer lapdesks support accessories, otherwise difficult to use. You can use a mouse and other accessories with the present day laptop desks.
  • Well chosen laptop desks contribute towards the aesthetic aspect of your laptop usage. After all personalizing your laptop with a complementing lap desk would certainly speak a ton about your taste.

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Honest Laptop Reviews. Finally.

The Smallest Full Featured Laptops (by weight):

Apple MacBook Air MC968LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop

ASUS Zenbook UX21E-DH52 11.6-Inch Ultrabook

Toshiba Portege Z835-P360 13.3-Inch Ultrabook

Click here for more ultra-light laptops >>

The Smallest Laptops By Dimensions:

One would think that going for the smallest laptop possible would make things easier and be more portable, but let me tell you this, don’t do it. You will thank me for it. As someone who regularly comes into contact with the latest laptops, I’ve seen a number of laptops going for what is currently the smallest laptop screen size available, which is around 7”. Due to space constraints many manufactures have tried to shrink down a laptop’s architecture to fit the form factor rather than do what smartphone and touchscreen tablet manufacturers are trying to do for their own products.

The Sony VAIO Lifestyle VGN-P688E/Q 8-Inch Laptop Weighs 1.4 pounds

First of all, the smaller the laptop screen, the less likely you will find it easy to work with. True, a 7” AMOLED display would look something wonderful, but so far, no laptop manufacturer has done this (although some touchscreen tablet makers like Samsung have). The result is a laptop screen that is blurry and doesn’t have the resolution to handle even some media clips. The graphics processors on these machines are pitiful for anything else than solitaire while the processors are bogged down by very poor choices in operating systems.

Most of time these operating systems include Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows 7 or worse Windows Vista. While the interface is familiar, such Windows-based operating systems slow down performance on standard-sized laptops, much less the smallest laptop available. A better operating system for such laptops would probably be Android, and there are a number of such Android powered laptops already on the market.

The Red 7″ Mini Netbook Laptop (Windows CE) weighs 1.6 pounds

Unfortunately, while these Android-powered laptops are super cheap (some reaching a mere $69!) they are far from the Chromebook-like machines that they purport to be. This is because the processors inside these machines are usually ARM chip processors of the kind that you would more likely find in a personal media player than in computer. However, they are very lightweight and with those prices, should make most students or poor writers happy. Build quality for these laptops is terrible though so take care with them or risk watching all your data and documents disappear the next time your drop it.

Rather than go for the smallest laptop, I’d suggest that you go for the thinnest as the Macbook Air and other ultrabooks offer some of the most lightweight performance available in this range. However, these ultrabooks are still exorbitantly pricey and you can expect the price tag to begin from $699 and up, but the extra performance and build quality should more than make up for it.